Clash of Clans Characters (COC Troops)

We have covered all Clash of Clans characters with images as well as a short brief about them.

COC Troops List


1. Barbarian

Barbarians are your first men. They have yellow hair and a long yellow mustache. They are strong and they seem to be angry! They wear a brown kilt. They have a short sword. As you pass levels, they will have more complements!

archers clash of clans troops

2. Archers

Archers look like women. They have pink hair and sharp eyes. They attack whatever comes! They wear a light green dress. They have pink arrow flights. They seem cute! But they are fierce!

goblins clash of clans troops

3. Goblins

Goblins are like green little monsters. They have a green body, no hair and yellow eyes. They are the fastest characters! Their nature is attacking! So they are amazing damaging buildings! But they aren’t this good at defending! So be careful!

giants clash of clans troops

4. Giants

Giants are the perfect ones to take huge damage. They are tall, strong, and bold. They have giant hands. They were brown clothes. And they have high health! Profit it!

wall breakers clash of clans troops

5. Wall breaker

Wall breaker look like skeletons! But with giant bombs! They wear a brown aviator hat. They run directly to its target and blow themselves up! Bombs become larger as you pass levels!

balloon clash of clans troops

6. Balloons

Balloons are very similar to the previous ones! The main difference is the huge damage they cause!

wizard clash of clans troops

7. Wizards

Wizards shoot fireballs! And they cause high damage! They have black hair and a black mustache. They wear a blue cloak. Its color changes depending on the level!

healer clash of clans troops

8. Healers

Healers look like fairies or little angels! As they have white hair and big wings. They wear a yellow dress. They can’t attack, but they can heal ground units!

dragon clash of clans troops

9. Dragons

Dragons are always terrifying! In this case they are purple! And they have a ranged attack!

pekka clash of clans troops

10. P.E.K.K.A.

P.E.K.K.A. are simply terrible! They look like metal monsters with two pink horns. They have the strongest armor and a fierce sword. Did you know that they are able to damage all the units of Clash of Clans?

barbarian king clash of clans troops

11. Barbarian King

The King is immortal! But he needs to sleep in order to regenerate his health. You need Dark Elixir to create it!

archer queen clash of clans troops

12. Archer Queen

The Queen is immortal too! Like the King, she also needs to sleep to regenerate her health.