Best Town Hall 7 Base Anti Everything (War, Defense, Farming base)

town hall 7 base layout

A town hall 7 base is very important for any clasher as it’s when you unlock the Barbarian King and get access to dark Elixir which is a very important resource for your growth hence people tend to go towards farming bases to protect their dark Elixir but at the same time you should not use that base for war purposes.

How to design Town Hall 7 Base?

When you unlock Town hall 7, you are open to not only air attacks and only focus on the th7 base layout anti-dragon ones but also remember about the hog riders.

Therefore a hybrid war base can become a better choice in this situation. The goal of the base should be to waste at least 2 opponent attacks.

You can go through the various th7 base link mentioned below and choose the one most suitable according to your playstyle. 

Th7 War Base

Clashers start to take the game very seriously from this point onwards and try to find the best town hall 7 base. You will need the best offense and defense to win a clan war.

You can find some of the best base designs on this website for surviving dragon attacks or hog riders and not giving 3 stars to your opponent.

town hall 7 war base 1
Town hall 7 war base 1
town hall 7 war base 2
Town hall 7 war base 2

Th7 defense & Trophy base

A good th7 base will be able to protect you from all kinds of enemy troops like dragons rich are the most common and even the hog riders or the hog spam.

The key is to make separate compartments for all the defense types where every compartment will have one air attacking defense, one ground attacking defense, and one trap. This will make sure that your base is perfectly balanced for all kinds of attacks.

You can choose any of the base designs from the ones given on this website to build your base and defend against all Coc troops of town hall 7.

Th7 defense & Trophy base 1
Th7 defense & Trophy base 2
Th7 defense & Trophy base 3
Th7 defense & Trophy base 4
Th7 defense & Trophy base 5

Th7 Farming base

A farming base is solely designed with just one aim in mind which is to protect the resources in the internist compartments where we will be using all other buildings as disposable units.

Staying in the 1250-1399 trophy league is preferred because most of the players are th7 and higher leagues have th8 and th9 players who can easily do a 100% on us. Keeping the Town hall, dark elixir, gold, and elixir in the center will help you save resources and upgrade your troops faster.

You can choose from any of the th7 base link provided on the website to find the best farming base according to your requirement.

Town Hall 7 Farming Base 1
Town Hall 7 Farming Base 2
Town Hall 7 Farming Base 3
Town Hall 7 Farming Base 4
Town Hall 7 Farming Base 5


What troops should you use for town hall 7?

The most common troops for town hall 7 are the dragon attacks via air and hog rider spam which is a ground-type attack.

What is the best strategy for town hall 7?

There are multiple strategies according to the type of design but one common one is baiting out the clan castle defenses first and killing them away from the middle of the base.

How long would it take to max out TH7?

It will take somewhat around 1 to 3 months to properly max out a TH7 given that the player is very active and takes part in Clan games and Clan war leagues.

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